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Hi, I'm Noodle!

I have a whole host of nicknames, but they aren't really necessary ( For now anyway...kekekekeke)
Anyways, enjoy the short spiel and enjoy browsing my page.

Feel free to message and comment, fresh and old faces are always welcome.

Current Residence: Checked your mirror lately?
Favourite genre of music: Potentially anything that doesn't cause spontaneous combustion or ear bleeds
Personal Quotes: "I'm Not Short... I'm Fun Sized!!" "I'm Everywhere!"
  • Listening to: Snow's Theme - Masashi Hamauzu
  • Reading: Pedestal
  • Watching: Avatar
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2
  • Eating: Home-made mushroom Soup
  • Drinking: Water
Since the magical DeviBrigard tagged me in her journal of journali-ness I decided I'd respond ( Much later than I had originally intended mind you)

Given to me were these questions 3 -

1. WHAT is your name?
2. WHAT is your favourite colour?
3. WHAT is your Quest?

Naturally I found myself reaching into the realms of deepest subconsciousness to pull out answers to the majestic inquiries.
1. Well OBVIOUSLY my name is :Classified:
2. And my all time favourite colour is :Unconfirmed:
that must make
3. :ERROR:

All jokes aside I think you've all learned FAAAR to much about me...
No really, you're probably starting a file on me now..

OKAY OKAY i'll get to the REAL questions now;

"Here's my 10 questions for my tagged to answer:"

  2. Do you ever feel like your imagination or mental world is more real than the real world? - : Disclaimer: 'This next section is rated M, for Mango, if you have children under the age of 3 they are not encouraged to view this content lest they desire to attempt to eat the screen'
  3. Ever seen something you couldn't quite explain? - What is seen CANNOT be unseen!
  4. Do you like shiny things too? - WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE DID YOU FIND ME?
  5. What is the strangest dream you can remember? - Dream? I thought I was asleep right now????
  6. Have you ever been hypnotised? - Are you sure you're not dreaming?
  7. If so, how did it go? - I think you should ask yourself that.
  8. What is your favourite book? - The one that has a hidden compartment for stashing.
  9. What is your favourite OC on deviantart? - Yes, that is all.
  10. Which pony is best pony? - Only when the time flashes to the point of fire mega flares shall you know this denomination.

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